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Staying in a foreign country can be quite challenging. It can create a kind of hopelessness – who can you lean to, when you are troubled by something?

Personal issues do not stop because you are in a foreign country – they may even escalate because you are under a lot of pressure.

Maybe your spouse is Danish, and you feel alone among all his or her friends and family. It would be useful to share this with the person, you share your life with, but it does not always create understanding. Perhaps your partner just smiles at you and tell you: Oh no, they all love you! No need to feel alone!

Which is not very helpful to you.

If you are here as expats, surely one of you is more motivated than the other – because the other is here because the first one got a good job here. This can make the one, who follows, feel less important, depending on the other. The partner may feel bad about pursuing his or her career, while the other is suffering from homesickness and loneliness. It is a difficult situation for both.

I recommend couple’s therapy – it is crucial for your stay in Denmark that you thrive as a couple and that you manage to team up and face the difficulties together.

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